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Cutting Edge Technology to Advance Vehicle Protection While Building a Safer Community

Burlington, ON, October 10, 2018 – RSR GLOBAL is reinforcing its company mantra to ‘Help Dealers Protect Drivers’, by offering yet another innovative product to dealers, dedicated to community asset protection. The new product, part of RSR’s GLOBAL Registration Program is entitled GLOBAL iFind Powered by KYCS (Keep Your Community Safe).

The iFind device features a small-scale design that is easily and covertly installed in most vehicles, motorcycles, boats, ATV’s, RV’s and other high value assets. The device utilizes the most advanced long-range Bluetooth identification technology available, to identify lost or stolen assets via smartphone. The GLOBAL iFind device’s Bluetooth capabilities range up to 700 meters diameter and can penetrate most building materials. It offers a five-year battery life and straight-forward battery replacement.

When a GLOBAL iFind device linked to a high value asset is reported stolen on the KYCS Recovery Network, notifications are sent to participating law enforcement officers. Simultaneously, the entire Recovery Network performs a continuous and anonymous search for the Bluetooth signal of the stolen asset. “In essence, end user smartphones become the anonymous eye, ears and beacon that help identify stolen or missing property,” says Amanda Paetkau, Vice President Dealer Group Solutions, RSR GLOBAL. “With coverage across Canada, GLOBAL iFind stands to become a consumer’s reliable method to recover stolen assets.”

The device works in tandem with the KYCS Keep Your Community Safe Mobile App, which is compatible with both Android and Apple iOS operating systems. There is no purchase required to join a Community Watch Network on the KYCS App. Each GLOBAL iFind device that enters the market through participating dealers, law enforcement, neighbourhood watch and other commercial partners, is integrated into the KYCS App Recovery Network.

The GLOBAL iFind network also utilizes KYCS Zone technology. KYCS Zones are long-range Bluetooth consoles installed at participating dealerships, homes, and other high traffic retail outlets throughout Canada. KYCS Zones pick up the signals of GLOBAL iFind devices within a range of up to 1.2 kilometers. All participating dealers get a KYCS Zone installed as part of the onboarding process. Dealers benefit from the KYCS Zone, by accurately monitoring inventory movement on and off the lot and accessing the tools of the larger network, in the case of lot theft.

“The KYCS Community Watch Network is experiencing rapid growth through our working partnerships including dealerships, law enforcement and Neighbourhood Watch programs,” says Dana Baltovich, VP Business Development Automotive, KYCS. “Our existing network growth, alongside our partnerships with Neighborhood Watch and the Law Enforcement Torch Run, places powerful asset protection and community watch tools into the hands of dealer customers,” she adds.

Additional benefits include up to twelve per cent savings on home insurance with the potential to bundle auto insurance for further discounts for consumers. All new members also automatically gain membership and the benefits from the KYCS Community Watch Network.  The GLOBAL iFind, powered by KYCS, Bluetooth identification device comes with no monthly fees.

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RSR GLOBAL is a Canadian owned company that has been providing sales floor and business office programs, support and solutions to automotive dealers for over 20 years. By providing industry leading programs, innovative technology solutions, strategic consulting and exceptional support RSR GLOBAL ensures strict compliance to the ideals and spirit of its corporate mandate – to help dealers protect drivers. More information about RSR GLOBAL can be found at

About the KYCS Keep Your Community Safe Mobile App Platform:
KYCS is the leader in developing and deploying tech-based solutions in the community safety and law enforcement industries. Through KYCS’s strategic partnerships with organizations such as Neighbourhood Watch and Law Enforcement Torch Run, it has designed a suite of products and services aimed at increasing community safety, including the first mobile app platform solution for simplifying recovery tasks geared specifically to law enforcement agencies and community watch programs.

Through its mobile app platform, individuals, businesses and communities can more effectively manage community safety, including the protection of high value assets, loved ones and pets. The KYCS App is available for both iPhone and Android devices. For more information on KYCS go to


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